Progressive Jackpot Slots – How These Work?


Every online casino has slot machine games. Progressive slots are not available in all casinos. Have you ever heard about bettors who scooped millions of bucks in casinos? Most of these people played progressive online slots and won. Progressive jackpots grow as players make new bets. 

They can be standalone slot machines or a group of slot machines. Today, progressive jackpot slots based on a group of slot machines are more prevalent. We will discuss progressive slots in detail to boost your knowledge and give you the courage to try them.


Progressive Jackpot slots – what are they? 

Progressive slots are games with a non-fixed jackpot prize. If a player makes a bet, the jackpot grows larger. Progressive jackpots can grow larger and larger until one player wins. A few others will stop growing after reaching a specific amount. 

While some progressive jackpot slots are dedicated standalone, others are versions of familiar slot games added to a jackpot network. A progressive jackpot can expand fast because many slot machines contribute to one progressive jackpot. The casino subtracts a small portion of each stake. The remaining portion contributes to the seed and casino profits. The seed is the minimum amount a progressive slot can reset to. If a player gets lucky, the progressive jackpot will stop increasing and reset to the seed level.

Discussing the working mechanism of progressive jackpot slots

Software providers and casino operators needed to figure out how to offer jackpot prizes without raising the money themselves. That is when a prudent software developer got the progressive slots idea. They discovered that casinos could avoid carrying the burden if they asked the players to contribute to a jackpot fund via bets. Also, the brainchild behind progressive slots realized that players would fight for a chance to win the massive jackpot. 

Progressive jackpots in automaty online attract millions of players. A portion of any bet each player makes contributes to the top prize. Hence, a progressive jackpot slot grows because of the players’ bets. Casinos often broadcast progressive jackpot figures live on their websites for every player to see. Here is an example of how progressive jackpots work. A slot machine may take ten percent of each bet and put it in the progressive jackpot. If a player wins the jackpot prize, the slot machine will reset itself to a minimum value of 100,000. 

As players add new stakes, the casino will take ten percent. One percent of this may contribute to the minimum value, while nine percent enter the progressive jackpot. Nobody can win until the accumulated fund reaches $100,000 (the seed amount). After this amount enters the reset account, the casino will put the whole ten percent in the progressive jackpot slot. An alternative way is adding ten percent to the reset account. The progressive jackpot will start growing after the reset account fills up. Casinos must fill the reset account from their wagers before accumulating funds for the jackpot. They love progressive jackpot slots because they make higher profits. 

Top 3 kinds of progressive slots

Progressive slots have become increasingly popular in the gambling industry due to the possibility of winning huge sums of money from a single spin. Progressive slots appear in three kinds. Each type has its own unique characteristics, and understanding them can help players make informed decisions on which type of progressive slot to play. We will discuss these next: 

Standalone Progressive Slots

A standalone progressive jackpot slot machine only pays prizes on itself. Hence, players should only play on that slot machine to increase their odds of winning. Standalone progressive slots have smaller jackpot prizes than other types. However, it offers the highest odds of winning to a player. 

Wide area Progressive Slots 

Wide-area progressives represent a web of slot machines in many locations. A portion of wagers from all these machines contributes to the jackpot amount. Also known as a linked jackpot, a wide area progressive jackpot slot builds faster than the other two jackpot kinds. It builds in the same manner as other progressive jackpots but more aggressively. Wide area progressive jackpot slots work if all online casinos run the same software platform. A winner can come from any casino. However, they will get a payout from one jackpot pool.

Local area Progressive Slots

Local area progressive jackpots represent a slot machine network in one casino. A local progressive slot attaches to a group of selected casino games or only one game. If a casino has two tables, they will both offer the same slot game or games. Additionally, they might have a common progressive jackpot or a separate one. If you have played the Caribbean Stud poker, you already know how local area progressive slots work. Local area progressives provide higher jackpots than standalone slot machines. 

Are there Progressive jackpot slots online and offline? 

Bettors can find progressive jackpots in land-based and online-based casinos. If you have no time to visit your nearest casinos, you should play progressive jackpots online. There are popular slot games available on each platform. The table below shows the top 5 most preferred progressive jackpot slots in online and offline casinos. 

Top 5 online-based progressive slots Top 5 offline progressive slots
Mega Moolah Megabucks
Monster Madness Wheel of Fortune
Jackpot Cleopatra’s Gold Powerbucks
Queen of Pyramids Millionaire 777s
Mega Jackpots Reel adventures

Players can enjoy progressive jackpot slots both online and offline. Regardless of the platform, the thrill of winning big from a single spin remains the same.

Is it possible to win Progressive slots?

It is possible to win progressive jackpot slots. However, your strategy will determine your result. For instance, if you want the top prize, you should be willing to place the maximum stake. Another tip is to play only progressive slot machines with a positive history. Mega Moolah, for instance, has made many millionaires. The figures here can change your life for good. Standalone progressive slots have the smallest jackpots. Nevertheless, people win the small jackpots more often. The standalone jackpot may not be life-changing, but it is well worth a try.

Three things that matter when playing progressive slot machines 

Casino players should know that only three things matter the most when playing progressive slot machines. These include: 

  • Your bet or contribution.
  • The reset value or the seed.
  • The ultimate progressive jackpot.

Now you understand how progressive jackpot slots function. Will you try to play and win? It is upon you to decide if you want to participate. Consider that casino operators do not fund the progressive jackpots. 

Players do it. With each spin, the casino will add a percentage of your wager to the jackpot amount. Winning progressive jackpots is an occasional thing. Recall this fact when playing.

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